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Project status

Project status

Server status

Program Host Status
Download server Running
Upload server Running
Scheduler pandia Running
feeder pandia Running
transitioner pandia Running
validator_1 (openifs) pandia Running
cpdn_credit pandia Running
validator_2 (hadcm3n) pandia Running
validator_3 (hadcm3s) pandia Running
validator_4 (wah2) pandia Running
validator_5 (wah2_ri) pandia Running
validator_6 (hadam4) pandia Running
validator_7 (hadam4h) pandia Running

Computing status


Tasks ready to send0
Tasks in progress4


With credit9
With recent credit7
Registered in past 24 hours0


With credit36
With recent credit12
Registered in past 24 hours0
Current GigaFLOPS95.17

Tasks by application

Application Unsent In progress Runtime of last 100 tasks in hours: average, min, max Users in last 24 hours
UK Met Office Coupled Model Full Resolution Ocean 0 0 --- 0
UK Met Office HadCM3 short 0 0 --- 0
Weather At Home 2 (wah2) 0 3 --- 0
Weather At Home 2 (wah2) (region independent) 0 0 --- 0
UK Met Office HadAM4 at N144 resolution 0 1 --- 0
OpenIFS 0 0 --- 0
UK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution 0 0 --- 0
Database schema version: 26062

Task data as of 6 Apr 2020, 11:27:38 UTC