Ancil File Details

Filename: generic_phase1_spinup_pnw25_regional_aabbu.gz
Create time: 2017-05-02 10:35:30
Created by: Sarah Sparrow
Ancil type: restart_regional
Domain: region Pacific NW 25km (pnw25)
Description: Generic regional restart from pnw25 10 year run (batch 539). Real date is 1995-12-01 redated so 0000-12-01. Consistent with PRECID job aabbu
Start date: 0000-12-01
End date: 0000-12-01
Data frequency: N/A
Batches used: d712, 565, 854, 855, 862, 864, 865
Scenario: N/A
Periodic: 0
Status: 0
Replaced by:
Archive location:

Note Status values: 0=valid, 1=replaced, 2=replaced and deprecated, 3=deleted completely, 4=archived/ not available