Ancil File Details

Filename: GHGclim_ancil_14months_OSTIA_ice_0001P.gz
Create time: 2016-08-01 12:39:35
Created by: Karsten Haustein
Ancil type: seaice
Domain: N96 single level
Description: Synthetic OSTIA sea-ice extent for GHG only experiment. Created from OSTIA 2001/2002 for Antarctic and OSTIA 2012 for Arctic ice extent. Periodic version of ancillary
Start date: 0000-01-01
End date: 0000-01-01
Data frequency: 5 Daily
Batches used: 524, d525, 434, d531, 448, 488, d623, d646, 506, 538, d715, 568, 705, 708, 713
Scenario: noAA
Periodic: 1
Status: 0
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Archive location:

Note Status values: 0=valid, 1=replaced, 2=replaced and deprecated, 3=deleted completely, 4=archived/ not available